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Thread: Finally! Picked up my K75S

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98lee View Post

    If you read post #5, you will find that it only had 3100 miles on it when he bought it and I think that photo was taken soon after. Since it is a SoCal bike, there's no reason that he can't keep it like that for some time.

    Yep, low miles, showroom clean when i got it, lived in a garage in Socal so it's not hard to find nice, old bikes around here if you look at CL everyday. This one wouldn't have lasted too long on CL. I bought this Mystic with about 5,000 miles on the clock, same deal, Socal bike. We don't get much inclement weather and my bikes never see much rain, unless I'm on a ride somewhere. I do like to keep them nice though.

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    You got 2 really nice bikes there
    Your a lucky man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by milwlandrover View Post
    I finally was able to pick up my Black K75S yesterday after work. I am in Wisconsin so the weather is always a little tricky this time of year. It was supposed to rain until approx. 1;00 and then be clear and cold. I had a 1.5 hour drive to pick it up. We were able to drive it on the trailer and strap it down. I took this pictures on the way home when I stopped for gas. I will need to replace the right hand mirror, the rear brake light and there is a dent on the right hand side. 5800 miles. 2 owner bike. He was asking $3800.00 but the day before I called him he moved it in his storage unit and the bike fell over (thus the dent). I should have this all taken care before spring. I am pretty excited. I talked him down to $2500.00
    Beautiful bike! I don't see many black S's so you have a relatively rare bike. I have a '92 blue "S" and a 1990 standard K75 and love them both. With modern tires and suspension they are still a very enjoyable ride. Congratulations!
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    I've met a lot of real nice people on this site. One thing I have noticed is that most of you guys take a lot of pride in your bikes (I am from Milwaukee, land of the Harley Davidson so I know what polished chrome looks like) and the other thing I noticed is that I am one of the few with only ONE bike. K-bikes seem to be like pringles potato chips in that you can have just one.

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