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Thread: Post-EICMA Electric Motorcycle Listing

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    Post-EICMA Electric Motorcycle Listing

    Some ideas about what might be coming along in the next couple of years:
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    Theirs some cool machines in there!
    I've got to say this electric transportation stuff has come along a lot quicker than I thought it would.

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    Some are pretty interesting, shome look like the should have a briggs and stratton stuck to them. Has anyone seen electric motorcycle sales data?
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    I like the description of the Kymco. The use of a traditional clutch and transmission appeals to me.

    I wish design teams would take advantage of the opportunities posed by electric propulsion to address long-standing design limitations of conventional motorcycles. A high priority for me would be designing on-board storage compartments so that panniers or top cases are not routinely required. Especially since many of these electric designs will be used more for local/commuting riding than long-distance touring.

    Honda was able to design their conventionally-powered NC700/750X with a forward trunk (“frunk”) large enough for a helmet. It should be even easier to achieve in an electric design.

    I would also like to see them explore the possible benefits of all-wheel-drive.

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