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Thread: New Rider, new to BMW and new Bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSVPhil View Post
    Just chiming in to say welcome to the MOA Forum, and wear your ATGATT when commuting in the DMV! Having recently left MD for AL, I'd say you will be challenged by the many distracted drivers. Your picture could be from Motorcycles of Dulles; at least you may be on the west side of town, closer to some more "interesting" roads. DC is not very m/c friendly, but all the dealers are... Be sure to also follow the happenings/events mentioned on

    Ciao! HSV-Phil (from Tel-Aviv-Yafo airport)

    Keep the shiny side Up!
    Thanks! I did buy from Motorcycles of Dulles. Super nice folks there, but I live in the Falls Church area. So far, I'm enjoying the 'challenge' of dodging DC drivers.

    I appreciate the website. I didn't have any idea something like that existed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimsum07 View Post
    I appreciate the website. I didn't have any idea something like that existed.
    FWIW, young blood is especially welcomed into BMW2 (or any local MOA club for that matter)... Keep an eye on their Events page for Open Houses {spring/autumn/Xmas}! We actually bought four Beemers from Morton's in Fredericksburg. Sales & Service are TOP notch, but you might consider it a bit far from Ft Belvoir vs MoD. Nevertheless, 2-wheelers do have 24/7 access to the HOT lanes around town [that's with or without an EZ-Pass!]. That battle was fought and won with the VA government in Richmond with some Significant Input from Bob Higdon {formerly of BMW2 & Iron Butt Association}. To know Bob is to Love Bob... And Jerry Skene is a local DMV clubmate; he actually created some very useful Conspicuity Lights for DC area, wintertime commuters that are low wattage and easily installed and not-to-be-missed [by inattentive drivers]! I thought they were useful for us when we were lane-splitting in California in the evenings.

    Another thing: you're not far from a 'local' m/c repair shop on Colvin Lane in Alexandria for 'unexpected' & less-complex maintenance issues. Khann does good work on many of the older models - he helped get my R90S running before moving it to Rocket City! Another 'Friend of the Marque' is Jim Bade. You won't want to miss his spring/autumn cookouts & Tech-Dayz right up your street, inside the Beltway in Alexandria! Look out for all of these local heroes then:

    And should you become a Serious LDR Beemer Rider, we did the Silver Certificate National Parks Tour a few years back. Planning for Gold level certification in 2020! It really was a lot of fun, and much less stressful than a Bun Burner ride. Check these guys out as well just so you're "SaddleSore" aware... It can get into your blood.

    Sláinte, HSV-Phil

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    Welcome, sounds like you're going about it the right way. Distracted drivers will be one of your biggest hazards, keep your eyes open and always keep looking all around you. Bob from Bob's BMW is a really nice guy, nice shop too. When you start venturing further afield add Newfoundland to your list as we have the nicest scenery on th continent.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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