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Thread: valve stem core

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    valve stem core

    hi all.. had rear tire put on 500 miles ago, replaced valve stem with tire (bmw shop installed , bmw valve stem)
    after checking tire pressure the past 2 weekends the valve would not pop back out, and air came out.. after i inflated air, the valve came back out and everything seemed ok , just seems to be a little sticky .. i would like to change the core, i know its a very simple procedure.. should I use just any valve stem core from a local tire shop, or should i order from bmw?

    also.. i haven't pulled the core out, once i pull it out could i put some lubricate on, and see if that does the trick.. i realize the valve core is a very inexpensive part, i have no problem with purchasing.. thanks again, Rich

    the bike is a 1999 R1100 RT.. running michelin PR3

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    Actually, I thought this was going to be another thread that was based entirely on not using common sense.

    Schrader valves, the proper name of the core, the valve, come in a bunch of different colours. On a motorcycle, or anything where the valve is at the outer diameter greater than 15", you need to use the red Schrader. There are two types of those, one with the spring sticking out on the bottom and the short one, about 1/2" long.

    The shorter one, is best to a point. The longer one is best to a point. The shorter one is less prone to centrifugal force as the long one acts as a better check valve.

    The brown Schrader is for high volume, low speed, the black for medium pressure, high speed less than 15" diameter.

    No lubrication on the valve or stem.

    Wow, I am Cliff Claven to know that.
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    I remember a question someone asked me years ago “what cost Henry Ford $.05 when he was building the model A and still costs car manufactures $.05 today (I haven’t googled to verify)

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    BMW deserves a special greed award for what they have done to the price of their valve stems. $9.98 each now, about $5 a couple of years ago and probably a couple of bucks a few before that. The valve stems used in the R1100 wheels is a TR412 stem. I buy them online by the bag, maybe a dollar or two each. Of course my local dealer won’t touch my wheels unless I buy the tires from them. So, I have a local shop that changes my tires for a reasonable price. I balance them myself at home.
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    If you are paying ten bucks a piece for quality valve stems from a stocking dealer, it could very well be a fair price.
    Some forget this-
    All this “cheaper” stuff only equates if the products are identical- really.

    One of my favorite examples is toner/ink cartridges. Even at the local “stationary supply” store, so much is out of date.......therefore is it really “cheaper”?
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