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Thread: SE TN Turkey Day 2019

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    SE TN Turkey Day 2019

    Anyone in the TN/NC/GA corner whom might wish to ride Turkey Day Weekend please hit me up.

    No camping on my part, just a daytime ride somewhere. And for gods sakes, no rides on the Dragon that weekend!!!!!

    WHY is this post time stamped "4:06am"??????? It's 11:07pm, EST. WTF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsguns View Post
    WHY is this post time stamped "4:06am"??????? It's 11:07pm, EST. WTF?
    As I look at your completed post, it says 10:06pm. I'm in central time, so that was 11:06pm eastern time.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page. For me it says "All times are GMT -6. The time is now 05:35 AM." You can control what times are displayed on posts. In the upper right corner, go to Settings then select General Settings. On that page you will find a Date and Time zone section. See what it is set to.
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