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    wonder wheel

    I am not old school or new school, being 66. What does the wonder wheel do on the new BMWs?

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    I assume this is for thinks like the Nav system? Here's a few threads:
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    Quote Originally Posted by EUGENE View Post
    I am not old school or new school, being 66. What does the wonder wheel do on the new BMWs?
    Depending on the model there is a ton of settings you can access, suspension, audio settings for the radio, volume, tuning, heated seat and grips, info that is shown on the dash, tire pressure, temperature, fuel, MPG, miles remaining, and probably a few more.

    I have sort of a love-hate relationship with it. Some settings I would rather have on a separate switch, but then it would add a bunch more switches on the dash.
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    GS without the TFT dash it works with the BMW Nav to zoom the map and change pages on the Nav, that's it. Nice and simple.

    GS with the TFT dash, same in "Nav" mode, but in TFT mode it does other display-related things and sets some bike options through menus. Not things you generally change on a regular basis.

    RT and K16 series do almost everything through menus using the wonderwheel. Among other things it: resets trip odometer, turns on heated grips & seat, changes suspension settings, etc. Many of these things the GS has dedicated buttons for.

    I remember my kids making fun of my Goldwing, which had dozens of buttons. But there's a lot to be said for having one button do just one thing.
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    wonder wheel and the new TFT

    I posted in the F forums about the difficulties I was having with programming my phone, sena 20s, and nav vi to work together and it took me pretty much 4 or of the 5 days on my most recent trip to figure it out. I also posted the results of that for anyone looking for info on that. In end, the TFT has a bit of a learning curve not unlike the learning curve in basecamp, although not as difficult. It took me quire a while, for instance, to figure out how to reset the 1st trip odometer, but not the 2nd. When I begin a trip, both trips are set to zero, and I reset the 1st trip everytime I fuel up so i know how many miles I have on the current tank, and I leave the 2nd trip running and only reset it when the trip is over, so I know exactly how far i went on that particular trip. Resetting the 1st trip and the 2nd trip and in completely different places, go figure....

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    The Wonder Wheel is great. But if you are not careful it can be distracting.

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    Some Accessories can be controlled via Wunderheel

    The Wunderwheel is most useful controlling GPS zoom on Nav VI, and it also allows quick changes between pages on the Nav VI GPS, such as the very useful bike parameter page (tire pressures, engine temp, several trip meters, etc., etc.) that I find useful on my non-TFT 2017 GS. You can access this information via bike controls, but it is much easier with the Wunderwheel. Ja sicher! Much of the the myriads of other things that it does are not that useful to many folks.

    However, importantly, some accessory vendors are beginning to include ways to control their products via the Wunderwheel. I control the intensity of my heated garments via the Wundersheel (using an aftermarket HexEZCan as a heat controller; additionally, the turn signal cancel function allows me to turn my heated garments "on" or "off.") This is nice because I do not have to have a separate heat controller, simplifies heated garment wiring, keeps the handlebar clutter under control. Some folks control their auxiliary lights with the Wundersheel.

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    Fabulous concept and works well for me. I love the fact I can operate it w/o looking to bring up whatever I need to see on the MFD having memorized the key features I like to bring up.

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