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Thread: Advice on new tires for K75 sidecar rig

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    Advice on new tires for K75 sidecar rig

    This is for a 1995 K75 and Velorex 562 sidecar.

    I'm shopping for new tires and was hoping someone could advise me on what tires I should get for the front, rear and sidecar. I live in Connecticut USA so I will ride year long. Are there all weather tires?

    Also, living in Connecticut, I have to pass an inspection before I can register it because I just bought it. I don't think I will pass this inspection with the tires that are on it now because the front is getting down there and I don't want to have to go back if they fail me. The other thing is that I don't want to go through the inspection with the sidecar because it is not a law that I need to and the inspectors can be *******s and nitpick on small things. The less I bring there for them to inspect the better. My concern is if I put new tires meant for sidecar riding, will it be okay to just ride to the inspection and back with the flatter tires and no sidecar? It would only be for the one trip and I'm sure I'd have to be careful and not lean much at all. Has anyone done this?

    The reason the sidecar is off right now is that I am working on the bike in my shed and I needed to take it off to both fit the bike in the entryway and also take off the subframe to rebuild the clutch. I will still have some things to do after I get it inspected and registered.
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    Not seeing much response here regarding your tire question and no recommendations of my own, you might ask your question on the hack forum at the adventure rider website. It's a good source for hack info, lots of hack smart folks there. Good luck with your project and hope see photos.
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