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Thread: 1972 r75/5 short wheel base seat

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    1972 r75/5 short wheel base seat

    I have a seat issue with my /5
    The current seat is in really bad shape
    both cover and pad are not useable
    I see there is a seat made in germany for about $350
    i was thinking of getting a new pad and a nice piece of leather and have the pan redone
    however one of the grab bars is broken and the edge beading is beat up
    has any body ever seen one of the new seats and has an opinion
    that might be the way

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    There are a couple of aftermarket seats out there. One has a metal base and is the one that I recommend.
    You say that one of the rails is broken. Does that mean that you have a rail on each side? If so then that seat is from a 70-71 year model bike. The seat for a 72 year model has a wrap around rail with four mounting screws.

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    It does have the two grab bars
    My original seat was stolen and this one I have is a donation from a friend
    Kind of like the look though
    Thanks for your help

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