I have made my rounds on various GS models from a R100GS to a PD to a 1100GS to a 1150GS to a 1150GSA to a 1200Gs to a 1200GSA to a 1250GS to a 310GS with a few 650GS in there too. Trading the 310GS for a new 19 F750GS as even though I have been downsizing, the 310 was a bit too small for me. A great bike the 310 is, especially for the price! But, we use the bike off the back of the RV and the 750 will suit us better when riding two-up...both in ergonomics and especially power. Getting the bike from Kissell BMW in Tyrone, PA and second bike from them...a fantastic dealership!! Will post more once I get the 750 and put some miles on it. Oh yeah, it's is a white regular suspension model.