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Thread: reinstated member Limp mode issues

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    reinstated member Limp mode issues

    I own a 2017 R 1200 GSA, in June 2019 my bike went into limp mode while I was on a week end trip, fortunately I was able to borrow a friends XR 1000 and had my bike towed in for repairs.
    I picked up the bike the following week end, although the bike was under warranty the authorized BMW dealer charged me $ 200.00 in round numbers for the repair, I was not happy!!
    In October 2019 I took my annual motorcycle trip with friends, this year we met in Asheville N.C.
    On October 2nd. we were riding from Blowing Rock to Asheville when my bike went into limp mode while I was traveling at 50 mph around a left hand sweeping curve, like any accident things happen quickly and I lost control of the bike, went down a 12' embankment and fortunately into a grassy field. The bike has $ 5,900.00 in damages.
    If anyone reading this has experienced their bike going into limp mode while at speed, please respond to this post.
    I feel this malfunction caused the accident and am in contact with BMW North America.

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    First off I am glad it wasn't worse for you.
    Second, I would be very careful what you do on social media in regards to this incident until all has been resolved. Lawyers need very little to turn the tide against you.. YMMV
    All the best!
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