Hey everyone! I have a 2015 R1200GSA, and after a visit two weeks ago to the BMW Burbank shop to switch out tires and have my brakes replaced, my bike started doing a couple weird things. First my brand new front tire was leaking air, then my battery wasnít doing a great job starting the bike, and date on my instrument panel would keep resetting itself to 03/29/00.

I noticed the date thing immediately when picking up my bike after the service was done because my clock was wrong and date read 03/29/00. I set them both, and the clock time has remained accurate ever since. But the date keeps resetting to March 2000 on every start. I replaced the 5 year old battery with a new lithium ion battery, but the date keeps resetting.

I just brought the bike back to BMW Burbank today to address the leak in the front tire. Turns out it was my valve stem, which did not leak before they replaced the tires two weeks ago. They also tried addressing the date. They performed a software update, but that was the extent of what they could do to address the date issue. It still resets to 03/29/00.

Iím going to call BMW Burbankís manager tomorrow to see if they can help me out in any way to further troubleshoot this problem, because I swear I had zero problems until I brought the bike to them two weeks ago for tires and brakes.

Anyway, Iím not trying to bitch about BMW Burbank. But has anyone seen this date issue before?