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Thread: Electricity at the rally

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    Electricity at the rally

    I use a CPAP, but would like to camp at the rally. I didn't see any electrical service points in the camping area in Lebanon. Anyone know what the access looks like in Great Falls? I'm considering investing in a power pack, but would have to charge it up each day.

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    I can't say for absolute sure about Great Falls, BUT for at least the past ten rallies or so there has been an area called "special needs" camping with electricity available for folks with CPAP and other needed devices. I would be shocked of this were not also true for Great Falls.
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    bring along at least a 50 foot extension cord and splitter, wife uses cpap and never had an issue but everyone must share. she purchased a battery powered cpap last year that for her can do 3 nights of use before needing recharging.

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    There are many RV hook ups with electricity and some of those are are near where one might think there will be camping.
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