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Thread: Nav V stuck in Year 2000

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    And another Y2K Nav V

    Quote Originally Posted by sleeper View Post
    Don't wait for Garmin. Contact them.
    I finally saw the email link on Garmin's support page and sent in a description of the problem this past weekend. Their reply was fast and the message was succinct "Verify your shipping address and we will send you an RMA to exchange the unit". I confirmed my address, got the RMA and shipping instructions within 2 hours. My funky date unit is going back and I expect to receive a replacement unit within a week.

    I bet there are a more "broken" units out there not known to their owners. I never use or refer to my bike's date. And I only noticed the problem when the GPS color mode did not switch after sunset. I would suggest anyone with a Nav V go in to the World Clock app on their unit and check out the time displayed there. That is the only place on the Nav V that I could find the date displayed. If the date is correct, count yourself lucky.

    I am guessing we will not see any firmware fix to this problem. Their most practical fix is to replace the few units that actually contact them about the problem. I hope that helps you out with how you proceed.
    Like you, I noticed the day to night function wasn't working on my Nav V. I romantically thought it was because it gets dark at 5pm at this time of year in Seattle. Upon further review, and not too much of a search effort, here I am. My Nav V is from a 2016 R1200RT, only two-and-a-half years old. I've sent Garmin an email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WWeldin View Post
    Gotta get back in time!! (ala Huey Lewis and The News)
    Back to the Future WWeldin. Maybe .... like.... 2112?
    2015 R1200GSA

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