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Thread: Is the written word valuable to you? (Operators manual)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post

    or just a simple search. some people just expect everything to be done for them rather than do any research themselves.
    So very true.

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    In answer to the original thread, I would say definitely yes, I like to have the original manuals. You have to have the repair manuals to work on them, often two different ones. But the owner's manual condenses it down to what you need to know to operate and do basic maintenance on the bike. It saves time and effort in answering simple, but important questions. As for constantly searching the internet for everything in life, if I never hear the term, "Just Google it!" ever again in my life, I will be happy.
    By the way, as noted above, there are actually two booklets that came with the R1100RT, which came in a plastic cover. So it sounds like about $40 from the dealer to replace them. Typical BMW pricing. I hope you can find a set cheaper on Ebay. The technical manual is probably the more useful to own.

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    If I recall correctly there was a guy offering up owners manuals on the Airheads flea market thread on ADV.
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