Good evening OilHeads!
Been reading for about 2 hours regarding suspension upgrades. Many threads from 2013-2015. My rear cylinder is spewing fluid. The cycle was purchased for 2500, not gonna put in 1000+ for shocks. (or struts? A rider handle, DARK-something corrected people, but never explained the dif?) Finally found a used part supplier in the U.S. Cyclebarn? I used them for 70/80's parts for Hondas I owned in the past. Forgot about them!

ANYway, price is right- 80 bucks for OEM well-used shock. Shipping is good- 20 bucks (better than the two parts houses I found in Germany. 33USD total, or 33 per kilo?) I'm pulling the trigger in the morning.

Here's my question: The RS has a remote adjuster for rear, on right side down by passenger footpeg. The units I see available on-line don't come attached to/with that remote adjuster. Is that a stock feature? Thought they came as a unit. The shock on the bike disappears into the black plastic tunnel of the lower airbox. Can I access that without a lot of disassembly? Does the remote adjuster screw in or attach in some obvious way?

Going to spend a few more hours looking up the parts fiche, and googling the replacement process, but thought I would post and get some more specific and knowledgeable information. Going down to parking lot in morning to look under the seat, and get into shock mounts to see what I'm dealing with.