Well, it looks like I'm in need of a final drive repair/replacement on my 2007 R1200RT with 93k miles. I have some severe clicking when the bike is at low speed and I turn to the left.

The drive shaft is good (as it was replaced 5k miles ago). I don't have any noticeable play if I rock the wheel side to side and I don't have more than two inches of movement when I do the Steve Campbell method of looking for play forward/backwards.

I dropped the oil and found nothing on the magnet. However, when I slowly turn the final drive by hand, I do feel notches in several different places.

It looks like Anton at Virginia Motorrad does a repair, and a forum post mentioned Motoworks Chicago, does anyone else do them here in the USA?

Once I do all the research, I'll put together another "Current State" for the 1200's