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Thread: Considering US Cross Country Trip - R1150R

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikegalbicka View Post
    Took my 07RT out west from central Florida for a 4 week road trip in June 2017. 10K miles, 12 NPs, 13 states, 105F - 28F, 14K feet - 0 feet. No issues and no soreness thanks to the RDL saddle. Rear Michelin PR4GT had to be replaced when I got home though. Could have got a few K more out of the front.
    Mike maybe I'm equivocating, but I see the RT's as being a bit more 'touring' than sport, when compared to the R's. 'Cause of the farings and all.

    I did a 2500 miler up and down the east coast on the R, summer 2018. When I reached that highest elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway (6K ft), I was wet and COLD, especially hands. Wasn't expecting that.
    Not saying that the RT would have been a decidedly better choice, but if the R is the way to go, I plan to get better wet gear, gloves and handguards!
    Any other advice is appreciated.
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    I've traveled a fair amount on a 08 R1200R, including 5 trips between AK and the states, and it had more miles on it than your bike. If properly maintained and prepared your bike can be a superb touring machine. If you don't alrady have a windshield, then I recommend getting one. Riding with a screen can be much less tiring on a long trip. A well thoughtout luggage set-up is also important.

    Post some pictures of your bike and we can all suggest ideas for spending your money.

    Oh, and we live 80 miles south of the Great Falls rally site. Looks promising for the roads to be paved all the way to Great falls and there will be ample rafts available to cross the Missouri.
    Kevin Huddy
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    H has a 2002 that has 120K and used to be her long haul bike. Still her fav Roadster compared to her Hexhead variant

    It has GS handguards with Touratech extensions and a CeeBailey screen with Saenz edging to redirect rain. No, not as much rain protection as a RT or the GSA with their tank profile, but a very capable tourer from her experience and comments as I type this.

    With good gear for varying weather and altitude, she rolled on with a smile for the majority of those miles and wouldn’t think twice about taking another coast to coast trip on it.

    Any bike can be a tourer... all in gear choices and mindset.

    edit: We have taken our share of gravel,all weather,and other non glass smooth pavement...I got fussed at for navigation skills or lack of on some choices, but the road tire clad Roadster never skipped a beat for its pilot
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