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Thread: Anyone know the story behind this bike?

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    Anyone know the story behind this bike?

    What is it?
    Is it functional?
    Is it a one-off custom?
    Or is it manufactured?
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    From your link:

    1930 Henderson KJ Streamline
    Collection of Frank Westfall, Syracuse, NY

    With its 1,200-cc, 40-brake horsepower, in-line four-cylinder engine, the 1930 Henderson Model KJ Streamline could exceed 100 mph. In an era when streamlining was used sparingly in motorcycle design, American Orley Ray Courtney’s enclosed bodywork was virtually unknown on production two-wheelers (except for a few racing machines), making the KJ an unusual and beautiful example of Art Deco design.
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    Very much in the style of NSU and Guzzi Dustbin fairings. BMW had similar race bikes and the attractive R7

    Here's a biography of the designer.

    Seems he built the Pacific Coast a few decades before Honda.
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