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    I *love* my S1000RR. Best 2 wheeler I have ever owned. Very fast, probably too fast, and should consider myself lucky I haven't lost my license yet (albeit no tix so far, knock on wooden head). Absolutely planted on dry pavement, never had a bike that gave me 100% confidence no matter the pavement or angle.

    That said, I don't ride it often enough. I need a *slightly* more practical form of transportation. Once upon a time, I had a VFR 800 with a Givi top box. An example of it being a more useful ride, I could coax a case of beer and a bag of ice into the top box. So my first question is, for anyone who has felt like I do, has adding luggage (I'm thinking saddle bags) to your RR opened it up for more riding opportunities?

    To open the discussion to more people, let say you either owned a RR and traded it in, or skipped the RR and went to another motorcycle because of the practicality issue. What did you get? Was luggage involved in that solution? Briefly, what was your reasoning or issues encountered that shaped your decision?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I ride an R9T Racer. I added the Hepco and Becker C-bow mounts and bags (several different bags to choose from) and have been quite pleased with them.
    Extra benefit was adding C-bow mounts to my second bike which allows using the bags on either bike.
    They make some that fit your bike.

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    I have a KTM 640 Adventure that I run a small’ish top box and tank bag if I want. Touring I add throw over panniers and roll top duffel.

    My KTM 525 is destined for Siberia next year and I will run a tank bag and Mosko Moto R80’s. I need to do some tests NF with my tank bag but that requires the motor to be back in it.

    My ‘82 R65 LS has hard bags and my roll top panniers fit inside for dry convenience and I run my same tank bag and roll top duffel on it for touring.

    My R1100 S has factory hard bags but I’ve yet to tour on it and my tank bag works on it.

    My scooter is mostly just for beer runs but it has decent storage under the seat.
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    Amadison, have you considered the S1000XR. It would seem to offer the performance characteristics you like and can be equipped for touring. Iíve seen a few on the road and at rallies that were set-up well for touring. Looked like a sport tourer with emphasis on the sport aspect.
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    As far as adding luggage to your sportbike, consider a company called Giant Loop Moto.

    Their Great Basin bag is u-shaped and attaches/removes very easily. The shape hugs the bike and has almost no impact on handling. This bag requires no racks, an as you can see from the photos, it avoids fouling most exhaust pipes, too. The GL Coyote Bag is the same design, a bit smaller. When you visit their site you see that Giant Loop focuses on enduro and adventure riding, but these two bags work exceptionally well on sport bikes. It also carries a case of beer and 20 pounds of ice quite well!

    These bags are exceptionally light and rugged, about as waterproof as things get, and can be expanded or modified with a nice system of extras... duffles, pouches, etc. My setup includes the Great Basin with the Tillamook double-ended dry bag strapped to the GB.

    One thing to know is that you will need the static cling vinyl material they sell to protect your paintwork,

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    The Giant Loop bags are not for everyone, they take some thought for . You ,Ishtar want to see them in person before you buy. But their gas bags are excellent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post

    One thing to know is that you will need the static cling vinyl material they sell to protect your paintwork,
    Agreed - don't forget that stuff. I used my Giant Loop bag for a week, only to take it off to wash my bike, and realize that my top panel was in rough shape. I've never had another brand of tank bag do that...

    Instead of buying the stuff from GL, I purchased this from - seems to be holding up well.
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    I wanted something as fast as the RR with the exhilaration of speed, but can't stand the ergos. Like you, I needed a little bit of storage. Bought a S1000R and put bags on..... end of story!

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    Just get you an XR and be done with it....

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