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Thread: Emergency Contact Data Service Through BMW MOA Provider

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    Emergency Contact Data Service Through BMW MOA Provider

    I just saw a new member benefit available on the BMW MOA website. It's a company which for the discounted price of $15/year will provide a member's medical data to first responders. Here's the link the URL:

    FWIW, I drop by and chat with my local EMTs here in MA now and then. They've told me to keep a summary of medical information with me (2 pages in my case), and keep it in/near my wallet since that is the location at which EMTs always look for data they'll need in critical situations.

    So, I put this out there to see what other members think, and for useful practices for those riders who have end up in some critical medical situation.
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    From my cycling years Ive always had and used a ROAD ID. Various types of IDs to wear and they have online storage of medical and emergency information for you that first responders and medical staff can access. Initial cost depends on the type of ID, I have a couple - dog tag, bracelet, and tag for my Apple Watch. Name and numbers as well as access code for first responders. After initial purchase of about $29 you get a year of online storage of your info and then its about $10 a year after that. Whenever you buy a new ID you get a year of coverage with that. Pretty well proven and used by athletes especially.

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    Why not get one of those small emergency info packets that are glued to the back or side of your helmet.
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