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Thread: 1100R won't take throttle

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    1100R won't take throttle

    I have a 95 1100R that will idle but dies as soon as the throttle is cracked. About all I was able to do was check fuel pressure and it was right on 45. I don't have experience trouble shooting fuel injection and of course no test equipment. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    Have you done any work recently? Removed the right side panel or the gas tank?

    Check the throttle cables, especially the right side. Make sure that the end of the throttle cable is fully seated into the ferrule at the throttle body. The right side really screws up throttle response if the cable isn't seated.
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    Thanks, yes I have had a throttle cable problem. This was just before the problem started. I'll check it. I have a couple of fuel injected bikes but this is my first problem.

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    Unclip and re-seat any electrical connectors that you can reach - TPS comes to mind.

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    As others have pointed out, your throttle cables may be imbalance or not seated correctly. And an unconnected TPS is a good guess.

    Another possibility, even though you’ve measured fuel pressure at idle, there may still be leaks in your in-tank hoses, a common problem. The problem is that your system may be able to achieve 42psi at low fuel volume but not at the higher demand as you open the throttle.

    A better way to check the fuel system is to collect the return fuel in a tank while the bike idles. If you get about 2 liters in a minute, everything in the tank is good.

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    Thanks, This gives me something else to check. I'll try again tomorrow. I put the tank back on today after checking the cables and it's doing the same. About 500 miles ago it did this on start up. After about 10 restarts it ran fine. When it quit on me on the highway I kept trying and finally it started and ran great for 10 miles then died again. Maybe if there's an imbalance in the throttle cables would gently lifting one cable at a time do any good?

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