Hello Oilhead community,

Bike: 1994 R1100RS. 49,337 miles.

I’m still trying to take care of an intermittent rough idle/intermittent surge condition. Symptoms:

1. Intermittent rough idle (only happens occasionally once engine is fully warmed up. When idling ‘rough’ feels like there’s a stumble or kind of a misfire (not like lack of ignition but lack of enough fuel)

2. Intermittent surge. Mostly runs smooth, but occasionally surges. Does this in conjunction with rough idle.

3. Pinging at heavy throttle applications, once again intermittent and only very occasional. May be seldom since the weather has cooled off quite a bit.

I pulled codes from the Motronic, I pulled:

1215 butterfly valve sensor (tps)
1111 CO potentiometer

I pulled #5 fuse for a couple of minutes then re-checked the codes. 1215 is gone but 1111 remains. Weird!

Valves clearances are in spec. Spark plugs are new-ish. Fuel filter is fairly new. Internal and external lines were replaced a few years ago. TPS has been set, TB’s are tight and are synced. I’ve been really working on this one, I LOVE riding this bike and badly want to get this issue worked out.

I feel like it could be the 02 sensor, it makes sense since this problem is intermittent and comes/goes.

Any ideas or suggestions?