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Thread: 6volt Visibility/Turn Signal Options ?

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    6volt Visibility/Turn Signal Options ?

    I want to add 6 volt LED rear turn signals to a (‘57) R60.

    An LED cluster of 15 plus minimum bulbs (Yellow) made in the US, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan etc. would do nicely. Not China because of previous LED experiences.

    I’m currently using many 12v 24 or 48 bulb LED Hardwire clusters from Custom Dynamics. Don’t care where they make theirs as there is a Lifetime Warranty. (That I have used after years of product use).

    I make my own light housing with PVC plumbing Caps angst glass lenses. Painted of course.
    Safety far outweighs flat black accessories Every time.

    Back on Track.
    What sort of 6v LED’s are y’all using with satisfaction ?


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    Charlie -

    I've never converted to LED on my R69S...heck, I barely use my turn signals...mostly use hand signals.

    Vech sells LED bulbs. There is (or maybe was) a company called Culayer that sold LED bulbs and conversion lights. There was this long thread on LEDs on the vintage forum:
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    Thanks again as usual Kurt.

    I hope there are some 6v people out there just begging to express how wonderful their additional lights are.

    I don’t have much confidence in a young driver using a mobile phone and recognizing “hand signals” at the same time.
    Do they even teach “hand signals” in a Drivers Ed Class ?

    I have a little problem with elbows blocking not only the rear view mirrors but elbows blocking handlebar signals as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 72r60/7 View Post
    Do they even teach “hand signals” in a Drivers Ed Class ?

    Probably. They are still mentioned in the last state handbook I read. A better question is, if they teach how to use the car's electric turn signals, why do so many people not do it?
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    I've seen those for sale on Craigs list SWFL

    YUP! All sorts of automobile turn signals. Strange none are advertised as "used", every single set is listed as "New never ever been used".

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    Talked to a young man today. 20-25 years old. Delivery job. Drivers Ed never taught hand signals. In fact, they never were taught the left lane was for passing in most circumstances. Or never saw one of the very few signs that say “Keep Right Except for Passing”. He always drove in the left lane until the first week of training and he asked the driver why he was always changing lanes. SAD, very Sad.

    These topics would garner a lot more responses in the “Motorrad” section, but as Original Poster I have absolutely no objection to where a topic stays or goes. Some things have a mind of their own, don’t they ?

    Anyone wanna restate this topic to delve into these deeper ? It would be worthwhile if it helped reversed the growing problem of “Left Lane Riders”.

    Kurt, I did order a couple of (LB7’s-?) 6v 24 bulb Amber Clusters (40mm) from the British LED site you suggested. Thanks again. Especially since I wasn’t overwhelmed with 6v turn signal options. Those clusters will fit a 1-1/2” PVC plumbing cap. Those caps are 48mm ID. I already have spare glass flashlight lenses that will fit those caps too. May post project progress later. Certainly not Period for the bike but as I said earlier, much Safer than Nothing. (if your elbows block the indicators).


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    Brighter turn signal LEDs

    I just put these in my 69S and they are not only MUCH brighter, they flash twice as fast:

    You will need a different flasher for the LEDs. I got one with bulbs included on eBay but the bulbs were not as bright as the ones above. Here's the flasher:

    Any 6V flasher made for LEDs will work. My flasher has 3 terminals: E is ground, L goes to the directional handlebar switch, B is for + from the ignition switch. The bulbs also have + and - polarity so if they don't flash, flip the bulb around.

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