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Thread: Replacing headlight bulb on a 1991 K75RT

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    Replacing headlight bulb on a 1991 K75RT

    The manuals seems to think this is a simple, no tools job. No way! I cannot reach into the guts of the bike and even reach the light bulb let alone disconnect it. I do have rather large hands, so that is part of the problem. It seems there is some disassembly required. However being hopelessly optimistic, I'm hoping someone knows the secret of doing this without taking the front end of the bike apart.

    The doubly frustrating thing is I've changed this bulb before and can't remember how I managed to do it. I don't recall taking anything apart.

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    I believe it is just like an S.

    You do it from the bottom. See if there is an opening on the bottom of the fairing in front of the forks. If so, you need to reach up in there and see if you can feel the round rubber rear cover of the headlight assembly with the connector in the middle.

    The entire process has to be done by braille.
    Disconnect plug. Remember orientation of three connector blades.
    Remove rubber cover.
    Pinch wire retainer and hinge back.
    Remove bulb.
    Replace bulb. Try to remember the connector blade orientation from step one. Make sure bulb is fully seated in detents.
    Replace relainer, rubber cover, and connector.
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    My technique with my K100RT is somewhat different than Lee's (that is, if a K100's is similar to a K75's headlight assembly).

    I place the bike on the side stand and crank the handle bars to the right (could be the left as it's been awhile) and this gives me enough room to perform the removal and the installation of the new bulb, while seeing what I am doing.

    However, if you should wish to have more working space, it is easy enough to remove the right knee pad and then the glove box. Once these are off the bike, the opening has been increased dramatically.

    Between Lee and me, you now have three approaches to the headlamp removal and installation, Walter.

    Good luck.
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