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While I don't have the long experience that others do here, the cable sheathing on the 02 R1150R had degraded badly.

... as it was designed to do.

Oilheads are the first generation bikes designed following new Euro regulations that auto parts must be biodegradable. The laws indicate that there once the vehicle is off road it again becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer.

First generation solutions are seldom best. You'll note next generation twins, i.e. Camheads, have CANBus electrical systems and braided steel/teflon brake hoses. You'll note also that previous generation Airheads mostly still have no wiring harness problems and likely their original brake hoses.

As an aside, you might note that current bikes in your dealer's showroom seldom feature cable ties to secure wiring harnesses ... instead they have ~1/4 inch wide rubber straps. The new handlebar switchgear (the harnesses) on my R1100S are secured with these.