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Thread: 2012 R1200RT Exhaust header gaskets?

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    2012 R1200RT Exhaust header gaskets?

    In an online vid by Max BMW when changing the exhaust on a R1200GS there was a very thin gasket in the exhaust port which was replaced. After removing the pipes on my 2012 R1200RT I do not find a gasket? Is the RT different from the GS? Vid was made in 2012 but do not know the model year of the GS.

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    The 2012 RT parts fiche show a gasket.

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    Exhaust gaskets can commonly get so compressed into the port that they are not easily visible. Have a second look with good lighting, and I’ve had to sometimes use a right-angle pick to pop loose a gasket that looked like just a ridge or feature in the port.

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    Thanks guys. After taking a second and third look they finally showed themselves. Out they came and fresh gaskets installed. Chrome pipes I installed look so much better! Anyone need a set of ugly pipes? LOL

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