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Thread: R1150R / R1150R Rockster ?

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    R1150R / R1150R Rockster ?

    Sorry, I didn’t know which category of airhead these bikes are, so put my question in the general forum.

    Just curious about the reputation of this model generically, and what is meant by the “Rockster” designation (other than the paint scheme)?

    This is a larger model than I have been focussing on, so unlikely I would go with one, but I have seen a fair number of them on the local used market at attractive price points. So figured I should at least ask around.

    Are they good all-around bikes? Or not well-regarded for some reason? Etc? Thanks.

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    R1150R and Rockster are Oilheads. They are very similar.
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    They are very good bikes. Just the paint and trim is different.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

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