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Thread: Old guy with new 1250RT

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    Old guy with new 1250RT

    1st BMW after a couple of Harleys, ST1300 and 3 Wings. Got it a month ago and now have 2700km ('cause I'm in the Great White North). So far so good! Bike is so light relative to the beast that is the Wing. 300 lbs lighter so I find it so much easier to handle.

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    Old man

    U ain’t the only old man w a 1250 rt

    Good luck w it!
    Jerry2019 R1250 RT Carbon Black (current)
    Previously Owned; 96 Kaw 800, 99 Honda Ace 1100, 2000 Honda VFR 800, 2002 Honda Sabre 1100, 2002 Honda 954 RR, 2004 Kaw 1500, 2005 Kaw ZX12, 2007 Kaw ZX 14, 2007 HD Streetglide, 2009 Kaw Vulcan 1600; 2013 Yamaha FJR1300, 2009 HD Road King.

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    White hair and a new R1250 RT

    I just got mine in September and the more I ride it the more I like it. I think it's the smoothest transmission of any motorcycle I've ever owned being at around 11 now. My wife liked the K bikes but I'm stuck on the boxer and how nimble it feels for me being used to the last 2 I had. I dove off the accessory cliff right away spending some crazy money on things I had on my other machines but did them right away on this one. I'm 6'3" so I added Suburban Machine foot peg lowering blocks, Ilium brake lever, Ilium bar backs, Wunderlich engine guards. I bought the top case and then added the light bar to it due to the fact that the more stop lights the better to be seen. I still have to send the seat toRusselso that I can be a bit more comfortable on long rides. I had a tank bag on the last two RT's having used the RT base and latch that I bought used for my '07 then mounted an aftermarket bag to that was smaller than the gigantic BMW factory bag. I plan to get a tank bag but I'm on the fence with what to get due to the paint being so new... and not wanting something that rubs the finish off, I may go with the gas fill neck bag from Givi.

    By the way I did my first all day jaunt to Cape Royal and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago before the snow flew and it was great on the new machine. I highly recommend the Cape Royal road to anyone who ever goes to the north rim on a motorcycle. Lots of twists and just an unbelievable view along the way to the overlook(s). I live around 100 mi. from the north rim and it's my days off during the week ride with a thermos full of coffee and a stop for breakfast at Jacob Lake on highway 67 that leads to the north rim. Not a bad place to live.

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