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    Smile 1977 r100/7

    Looking to add an older BMW to the garage. Just something different to ride instead of R1100RT. Anyway, saw one several weeks ago which was in very good condition with 90K. Canít say itís all original but very clean with one or two add-one ie windscreen. Some paint work done to the gas tank. Not used in the last several years but garage kept. Will need tires and carb adjustments. Individual is asking $3,750. Hoping to garner some thought or opinions about the bike and the price.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    This is a place with a lot of Airhead information. While some may fine you here with your introduction, chances are after a day of so, one of the Mods will move this post to the Airhead section for a bit more exposure.
    Good luck.
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    Welcome! The '77 R100/7 was essentially the pinnacle of BMW in terms of power. Beginning with the '78 models, they started to detune them for EPA concerns. $3750 might be a touch high...something around $3K or so would be a price to shoot for.
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    Hello, and welcome. If you want to dive in to the vintage beemer world, check out the Airhead Beemer club.

    If you are in or near IL., I know of a very nice R75/7 that is available. The current owner has arrived at the end of his riding days. Ideally, what you want in that price range is a bike where you turn the key, hit the button, and GO.
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