Well, I have had a dozen or so seats, on airheads and now a k1600.The stock seat on my R100T was ok, but I bought and installed a Corbin because more comfort was promised. Turned out not to be so, too hard and too wide. After that, riding stock r50/5 and r100rt seats was much like the T, ok until I cut out some of the foam and made them narrower and lower (I'm a short a**). A few years ago I got a Russell day long for the T; Very comfortable but also too high and wide which made stopping somewhat of a challenge, especially 2 up.
But the K1600 stock seat was a complete torture rack. On my first ride of about 150 miles I thought it was the worst thing I had ever sat on. But I persevered and now, after year or so of riding, it suits me fine. As previously stated by lkchris, it may be an athletic (but I would say, more accurately, just a physical) activity and you really do have do it and train your body to get it used to it. If you are just going out for a 20 mile Sunday morning ride for a cup of coffee, IMHO, any old seat will do, but if you are heading from Seattle to Boston and want to do 300 plus miles a day, you either take time to get used to your seat or get a seat that suits you and is a little more comfortable and easier to live with right out of the gate. After a little while, the only difference may be that, when the time comes, you are ready to stop when you have to fuel up and take a pi** or really could have gone another 50 or 100 miles.