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Thread: 1987 K75C - Gear position Sensor /switch install

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    1987 K75C - Gear position Sensor /switch install

    Hey everyone, Got a nice project bike, its an'87 K75C that runs and stops OK. I got the bike running good with all typical maintenance items replaced or serviced. The last thing that I did was a final drive spline lube and replaced the broken gear position switch. 2 things happened: 1- the gear indicator on the dash is still wrong, no green neutral light, only cranks over when the clutch is pulled in (is this normal?). 2nd item, the bike turns over but will not start. This bike has very few "switches" that keep it from starting like Kick Stand Down. Any idea what I may have missed in the reassembly? Is there a correct way to install the gear position switch on the short shaft other than just lining up the flat spot on the switch? Seems I can rotate the cup on the switch 360 deg. to line-up the 2 mounting bolts (and I did). Any help is greatly appreciated as I spent $130 buck for the new switch and nothing changed.

    Thank you.

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    I can't get to my shop to check for awhile, but the plug for the gear indicator and the plug for the fuel tank are very similar. I don't remember if it is possible, but check that you haven't cross plugged them. That would also explain why it no longer runs. The fuel tank plug goes directly to the tank. The gear indicator plug goes into the main wiring harness.


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    Dinner is on me ! You nailed it my friend. The two plugs are right next to each other, Fuel Tank and Gear switch. When I first read your post I didn't think I had screwed up because my Fuel Gauge was working. Apparently the gear switch plug has power in the same pin and that threw me off. Upon closer inspection a noticed another detail that could have saved me a whole lot of frustration. The fuel tank plug has a tag on it from the factory and it reads (in English no less... ) "TANK". %$#@#&%!!!

    I'm on a roll so please stay with me on the next item: I bought a new Gear position switch from EME ($130). I plugged it in and watched the dash, it reads Gear 5. I rotate the keyed slot on the switch and it bounces back and forth between 4 and 5. I unplugged and put the old switch back on. Rotate and I run through all gears including "green" neutral which allows me to start the bike without pulling in the clutch. The old switch does not work and jumps around when properly installed so I bought the new one. Unless I'm "testing" the switch incorrectly, do you guys think I got a bad switch from EME?

    Thank you all, Baitweller

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