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Thread: New Owner, Old BMW

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    New Owner, Old BMW

    Hello All,

    Last November my father lost his long battle with cancer. He was a member of this forum, his handle was MonoRT. I happened across his posts recently. I have taken ownership of his 1985 R80RT with 267,000+ miles, and have been riding it to work for about a month now. Carrying on the tradition, as much as I can. My plan is to figure out what he'd already fixed, what might still need work, and everything I can learn about proper maintenance of this bike. I already had a 1991 Honda Hawk GT, so now I've got the ideal two-bike setup: one for touring/commuting/two-up rides, and one for pure backroad fun!

    I can already tell this is a great community, and I've read his magazines for a while, too! I look forward to many more years and miles on two wheels. See you all on the forum!

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    Welcome aboard……...YOU are so totally blessed to have had your father and the gifts that he gave you. Actually, for me, I still find things that he gave me deep in my soul all of these 30 or so years later...……..God bless....Dennis

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    Welcome to the forum!
    It's great you are carrying on the tradition.
    I am sending you a Private Message.
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    Thanks all! It’s good to be here, it seems like a great place to talk about these awesome bikes. I didn’t really get it at first, but now that I’ve been riding the Beemer for a few weeks it’s really grown on me. I understand how my dad put so many miles on what always looked to me like an oversized, overweight motorcycle. It really does wear its weight well, and is actually quite fun to ride!

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    Welcome to the forum! I remember your father and his posts...he was the one with Inspector Clouseau for an avatar...I always liked that!
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