I bought a used Rear End recently. (25/8 - 3.13 Vented)

Both visible splines are in good shape. There are signs of previous ring gear seal leakage and was told new seals had been installed at sometime by previous owner. No history as previous owner bought years ago as a detached unit.
Iím very pleased with the purchase.

I can hear what may be normal backlash clicking. Not loud clicking, but clicking.

Should I be able to hear backlash ?

Donít mind sending the rear end off for inspection and adjustment if necessary. Would like for it to be right.
I ride this bike 2,000 plus miles a year and may ride for a year and fix if needed next year.

Really enjoying riding this Ď57 R60, but the 32/11-2.91 ratio Rear End Drive is ridiculous for my riding. I donít live 2 blocks from the Autobahn and 30 kilometers away work 2 blocks off of the Autobahn.