So I am new to this site. And I thought that I would put out a question to the BMW community.

I have a 2019 R1250 RT. and I don't use the dash speakers on my bike. I prefer to use the speakers in my helmet. So I know we are all looking for additional storage space for odds and end things that were want to carry. But don't use very often. So I have been contemplating removing the 2 speakers from the dash. And using that space to store things that I don't use very often. Like tire pump, tire repair kit, things that take up space in the side cases.

When you remove the speaker assembly and look inside the empty cavity there is a fare amount of room. And the back side of the cavity has areas open to the environment. So if you use this area to store anythings it will have to be water resistant. So I was wondering does anyone know of a company who makes a plastic shell inserts that mimics the shape of the speaker box and would replace the speaker assembly under the grill.

I have been contemplating making something that would fit into this cavity. And try to mimic the shape of the back side of the speaker box. And I would still use the speaker grill for the cover of the insert. I don't have access to a 3 d printer. So my next thought was to look into some kind of modeling clay, to build a mold around the out side shape of the speaker box. Giving me an open box that is the same shape as the original speaker box and insert into the cavity. But before I do any of that I thought I would see if anyone already make such a item 1st.

So if you know anyone who does make such a thing please be so kind as to let me know.
Thank you for your assistance
Dave D.