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Thread: '91 K75RT routing route for pulse generator

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    '91 K75RT routing route for pulse generator

    I'm faced with getting the pulse generator wire replaced or repaired. To do this I have to remove it from the bike. I know it starts at the rear end and the first section goes forward to a coupling by the battery side panel on the right. After it goes along the driveshaft it disappears and I'm not sure if it just winds its way forward or there is a spot where it it is bolted to the frame. I've seen pictures of it with what looks like a metal tab with a hole in it, that implies it is bolted to the frame.

    Advice needed.

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    Please remember to put the year of the bike in the TITLE of your thread. If you put it in your next post, I'll add it to the title for you.

    The wire clips to a clip on the swing arm that also holds your ABS wire. Then they bot go forward to individual connectors under your right battery cover right next to your rear master cylinder. You can disconnect the sender there.

    There might be a plastic cable tie or two (or not) connecting it to the frame, but nothing else.

    (Found your bike year in your profile)

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