Weíve lived in the North Georgia mountains for about twenty years now, and I finally found a deer I could hit...

Two-lane road, speed 50-55 I would guess. A little fawn came out of the forest to my left, meandering, and I had time and space to deal with it. Then, his cousin came out of the same spot, hell bent for leather just as I was taking there slack out of the front brake lever to slow - when you see one deer, look for more. This one was bigger, prolly forty pounds and running at a forth-five degree dangle to my path of travel, right at me. I though I could out run him and let him pass to my rear, but a Baby GS does not accelerate with enthusiasm without a downshift, and I didnít have time.

The deer struck my left lower left leg with one heck of a whallop, and it hurt life the fires of hell. The bike never waver or wobbled. I kept going, gritting my teeth for a few miles until the pain subsided. If I had slowed, the bigger deer would have been right in front of my front wheel, so i glad I didnít get to the brakes. The impact raised a good-sized hematoma; I iced it down and it went away.

No crash, very grateful.