Recently, (10/10/19) I upgraded my MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) to macOS Catalina 10.15

I was adapting to lots of slight differences in the operating system, but the one that caused me troubles was accessing my Garmin Nav VI in both Garmin Express and Garmin BaseCamp.

When apps/devices that could be considered a security risk by allowing that app/device to have access to your computers files and folders is accessed for the first time, the Catalina OS displays a small Pop-up box with a question of whether or not you want to allow that app/device to have access to your computer files.

I see the general philosophy Apple has blended into this new version of the OS to protect our privacy and security, but I fell victim to the nice sense of security and was unaware of how this would affect my interface with one of my most used devices...namely my BMW Nav VI.

I spent a full day going thru all kinds of WWW derived "fixes" trying to gain control of my GPS, and didn't find an answer that worked until I actually drilled down deep enough on Garmin's website to find the exact solution I needed.

My issue was that I could see both the storage devices of my Nav VI, internal memory and microSD card in the Mac Finder, but could not get the device to be recognized by either Garmin Express or BaseCamp to update the Nav or transfer routes to my device.

By allowing access for BOTH Garmin BaseCamp and Garmin Express in your Security/Privacy Settings, I now have normal access to my GPS to work as before.

Hope this saves someone some headaches!