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Thread: Recommeded shops to do R90/6 spline repair?

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    Recommeded shops to do R90/6 spline repair?

    Thanks to feedback here, I've found a couple trustworthy shops here in the L.A./Orange area of SoCal that consistently do reliable work on classic BMWs. After speaking with them, it's clear they will need to outsource the job of repairing the final drive spines and drum driving dog if they show excessive wear.

    Looking through posts here, and googling spline repair for these old bikes, Hansen's in Medford OR comes up a lot. For about 25 years they've had success at welding the splines solid, and then machining new splines. Though both shops I spoke to recognize Hansen's good reputation for the process over the years, they did say they would prefer to see an entirely new spline gear welded onto the ring gear shaft if possible.

    I'm guessing that must be a relatively new process, as the only place I've found offering a new final drive spline replacement is Boxer2Valve in Hendersonville, NC. And they're the only shop I've found so far that offers to install a new spine.

    Bruno's Machine & Repair in Ontario Canada came up frequently as a shop that did quality spline work. But the most recent information I can find on them is 2 years old, and sadly talk about Bruno being unwell and battling cancer.

    Is anyone aware of other shops around the country that can install a new spline on these old ring gear drive shafts?
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