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Thread: '95 K1100LT Oil leak/timing cover

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    '95 K1100LT Oil leak/timing cover

    My 1995 K1100LT has an oil leak which seems to come from the timing chain cover. In searching for info about this I came across a BMW service bulletin (that I can no longer locate!) that was very confusing. If I understand it at all, it seems to indicate the source of the problem is oil passages in the block and cover that are misaligned. If that is true, it may be that no amount of new sealer on the mating surfaces will keep things oil-tight. What are options others may have tried in an effort to cure this leak?
    To clarify, I am not speaking of the leak that can drain out the weep hole for the oil/coolant pump. No need to tell me I need to rebuild that pump. Been there, done that, so I should be good for another 40 K miles.

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    I could be mistaken, but I don't believe there are any oil passages in the timing cover.

    A likely source of oil leaks in that area is the oil pressure sender. The air passing over that area spreads the oil so that it could be misinterpreted as a timing cover leak. Look under the rubber boot at the electrical connector on the sender.


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    The top end oiling system ran through the cam chain cover starting with the K1200's as far as I know. K100's and K1100's ran through the engine block. I don't see any way for oil to leak there except through the sealing surfaces around the perimeter or at the screw used for cam chain tensioner lock.

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    Check vacuum and breather lines also

    I have a '94 K 1100LT out in my collection right now, its a free-bee and is currently undergoing some mild modifications . It had signs of a non-significant but constant oil leak on top of the motor, in the front that I initially thought was a seal, oil line or something more challenging to resolve until I took a closer look at it. I found a 1/8" or so plastic fitting (possible vacuum or breather line) that had broken (that stuff should last more than 20 years, COME ON GUYS!) and was misting the top of the motor, right above the timing chain cover with oil. It initially looked like a seal had gone bad and was a constant and slow oil leak. As it turns out I fixed it for about a $1.50 in parts and about an hour getting to know the bike which is priceless. The Bricks are not much different than the Airheads, /2's and the stuff before that, the're scary but simple and scary simple if you start with basic problem research and resolution. Before you go crazy looking for and at bad seals and misaligned engine castings take a look at some of the vacuum and breather lines on the bike and the possibility that there is a mole hill under the mountain you just discovered.


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    K1100LT oil leak

    I had another look at the engine this morning. I now suspect the leak is at a point between the head and block. It is too high up on the motor to be from the weep hole or the sensor connections at the very bottom of the engine. I'll have to take some of the fairing panels off to be able to isolate the leak and identify the origin for sure.
    I'd be happy to learn the problem is just a vent pipe that's come loose. However, I'm in the dark as to where I should look for that. Maybe a pix or more detailed description? TIA

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    No pictures, I am inept with that stuff

    Pull some of those fairing panels and be prepared to get your hands dirty, knees bent up, some rags dirty and wear out the bad word dictionary. There are a couple breather and vacuum lines that run across the front and top of the motor (BRICK) that dry up, harden and crack after 25 or so years (What the heck?) and will leak residual oil on top of the motor (BRICK) and make a mess. Keep track of the parts and how the fairing bits looked pre-disassembled as it can be a challenge with extra parts when its time to pt it back together.

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