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Thread: Another Crazy Kid from the ‘Burgh

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    Another Crazy Kid from the ‘Burgh

    These intros are hard....

    I broke down and bought me a new ride here in Pittsburgh... I figured my R1150Adv needed a friend. Acquired a new R1250RT and it’s a way different ride than the Adventure. Have a few strange questions...

    - the shop near me closed (sad.. this is my fourth BMW) - what is involved in the 600 mile service? Assuming that with enough YouTube I can do this service myself or should I find a dealer? Been fixing bicycles most of my life but never tried a motorcycle.

    - the right glove box holds the iPod cable but honestly how does one fit a phone in there? It’s a tight fit to say the least.

    - this is a fun ride. Bought it so that the girlfriend is more comfortable when we ride together. Any suggestions or changes to the RT for her comfort? Top box is coming but just trying to think through.

    Looking forward to playing here on the forums!

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    Welcome to the forum! There seems to have been a rash of dealer closures...sorry that's hit you. I trust other owners of the bike will be along at some point to provide some of their insight.
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    Howdy, Imperial Stout! Guessing that's a beverage of choice? (Do they still make Iron City Draft?)

    As the 1250 is considered a "wethead", most of your answers will be found specifically in that section. Peruse it fully, there's a wealth of good stuff in there - and also in the "Similar Threads" at the bottom of the pages - and feel free to get into the other sections too.

    Questions are not strange (but sometimes the person posing them may be...), that's what these forums are for! Nobody knows everything, and we all started out as ignorant babes in the woods. When I stop learning, it's time to kick the dirt over my face.

    If you haven't worked on a motorsickle before, at the very least, find a local to look over your shoulder as you plunge in... and be aware that there are some things that even an experienced paid wrench can screw up, so when in doubt, stop and look again.
    Also be aware that the top box (aka "trunk") may make it more difficult to mount and dismount.

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    @pauls1150 -- can you believe that they still do make Iron City and IC Light. You can even get IC Light fruit flavored.. Blech.. Considering how much of a craft beer town Pittsburgh has become, I'm amazed it is still open. One can go to a converted Roman Catholic church and enjoy "holy beer". The bishop supposedly did something to the onsite beer making equipment to make it holy. That would take me to church often.....

    And Imperialstout -- oh yeah -- used to be a huge beer snob but I don't drink as much as I used to. But I do love the dark stuff.

    I will take the rest of my questions to the Wethead group. Thanks all. Patiently waiting for the JVB video for shiftcam.

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