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Thread: How to Improve Passenger Comfort?

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    How to Improve Passenger Comfort?

    I'd like to improve the riding comfort for my wife when she rides with me.
    She has two issues - 1) "nothing to hang on to" and 2) comfort (width) of the seat.
    We ride with the truck with integral backrest and she uses the side grab handles.

    Any upgrades y'all have done?
    And no bad comments (like grab my love handles on #1, as I have none).

    FYI - she is a great passenger. Sits and leans properly with the bike thru corners. Only quick hard braking do we knock helmets. Maybe she saw a HD with a "queen" seat and is jonsing for a better ride, in her opinion - not mine.
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    Have Russell make you a rear seat. As for the grab rail, maybe you can fab something off the bag mounts?

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    My wife hade the same problem. About four years ago we road out to Maine from Michigan, and she was uncomfortable after some distance. She purchased a pillow on the way out but did not help. Before we left for home I found an upholstery shop and had them make a pad to go over the seat with risers that rested on the side cases. It was not covered, but it worked so good that I had it covered when we got home. It was made for a stock seat and sat flat. I later picked up a used Corbin which is wider, so it does not sit flat until she sits on it. You can see how it supports her on the one picture. The Corbin is better than stock seat for both of us, but the pad is still used on long trips. An extra pad was also added to trunk. Floor boards also helped with comfort. As for something to hang on to, my wife would like armrest, but is happy the way things are set up.
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    Get her her own motorcycle...? These bikes may last longer if you ride them solo drive issues...etc..

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    Whatever you do....

    .... don't take her for a ride on a rented Goldwing. damhikt!

    My wife asked for "something to hold on to" because her legs got tired gripping the saddle, no matter how smoothly I tried to ride.

    So... this solution. The seat is a Russell Day-Long, the Ztechnik arm rests were designed to fit a K12 LT, but attached onto my existing Jesse top box (which is NLA in this size). Not sure if the arm rests are still available, but there may be other similar products, especially to fit an RT.

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