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Thread: Questions re 2019 K1600GT

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    Quote Originally Posted by fslane1966 View Post
    Hey Lee, that picture you posted is the exact bike I want!! Its 10 miles from my brothers house. But dang brother, There is that same bike, minus the wheels brand new for 24,750 on Cycle trader where the dealers also have some listings......What am I missing?
    The wheels are a $1,600 option.
    You need to know what option package each bike has to compare prices.
    The Select Package is a $3,500 option.
    Go to the link in my previous post so you can see what's included in each option package.

    See if this link works to see the 3 option packages

    There's also Accessory Packages
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    Another Black Storm Metallic/Glacier Silver Metallic in Arizona.

    Iron Horse Motorcycles in Tucson, Arizona has a 2019 K1600GT Sport in the Black/Silver Metallic paint scheme.

    It does not have the optional wheels nor the optional exhaust, though they can be ordered.

    We bought ours in January this year from Iron Horse and it has become our bike of choice.

    She is very stylish looking with those red stripes and black accents.

    The optional wheels and the optional exhaust are the only two add-ons or options we didn't go with.

    Our trunk with the led lights is an $,$$$ add-on, as are the front running lights, Nav VI, extended warranty and OEM engine case savers.

    Now that we've had her for a year and 12,000 miles, we'd do it again!!!

    An excellent motorcycle complimented by a Russell DayLong Saddle.

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    Thank you guys.....

    Lee, I am digging into the links you sent. Exactly what I needed. Thank you. 1600 bucks for those rims. whoa daddy. but I do like theme li!!

    I will reply once I read the links and learn about the packages and the options.

    Thanks all.

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