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Thread: BMW Low seats

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    BMW Low seats

    Need some experience opinions on BMW's low seats? Not the low chassis/low seat combination necessarily, but low seat alone. I have an F850GS with standard chassis and standard seat, thinking about going to BMW's low seat option. Many of you on low seats have complaints with the less padding setup? Finding your butt pain meter reads higher, much earlier, than standard padded seats? Thanks.
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    I installed the BMW low seat on my 2014 R1200RT and it doesn't really feel that much different to me, I was still able to do 700 miles straight after the Lebanon rally with no butt pain.

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    Unhappy LOw seat comfort, uncomfort

    I replaced my 2016 R1200RT low seat with a Russel Day Long saddle. Great upgrade for my comfort as well as my wife's on passenger seat. I could not tolerate the low seat on long distance rides.

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    Seat recommendations for 2003 R1150 GSA

    I have a russel day long solo saddle on my GSA. It is too high for me. Any recommendations for a single lower seat. I have the BMW stock low seat but it is the long combo seat and doesn't fit my bike.

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