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Thread: Tires losing 4 PSI per day is normal?

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    Tires losing 4 PSI per day is normal?


    My 2010 RT with Road 5 tires lose about 1 PSI per day on the front wheel and 4 PSI on the back wheel per day. I check my tires every day but wasn't expecting to have to inflate them every day. These are new tires and have no visible punctures. I'm told by other motorcycle friends and one motorcycle mechanic that "sport tires" will lose air very quickly.

    What gives?


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    Not normal in my world with any tire.

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    Valve Stem?

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    It's not normal.
    Maybe leaking at the valve cores or tire beads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 179212 View Post
    Valve Stem?
    That would be my choice.......

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    Checking your tires every day is/will be tough on the cores in the valve stems. I like a “trigger-sprayer” with a mix of water and dishwashing soap to test with. Watch for “foaming” or a slow lazy bubble.
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    Start by removing the valve stem caps and spraying the stems with Windex. Bubbles coming out end = loose or bad valve core. Bubbles coming out around base = bad stem.

    If no bubbles from stem, try spraying around the bead (where the tire meets the rim). If you have bubbles there, someone didn't clean the rim adaquately when the tire was mounted.
    Some tires have mold "whiskers" that are very close to the bead that under some circumstances, during mounting, can be stretched between the bead and the rim, causing a leak.

    Edit: Damn, I get a phone call in the middle of answering you and four people respond!


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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I'm told by other motorcycle friends and one motorcycle mechanic that "sport tires" will lose air very quickly.

    They are wrong. Modern tires of any variety do not lose air very quickly if the valve stem and core are sound and the rim is clean when the tire is mounted.

    I find that with PR4 tires on an R1100RS and R1150R I might need to add a pound or two every month.
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    Had a valve stem not fully tightened that was discovered to be the culprit of 2-3#'s a day. I'd start there as others have suggested/.
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    Try mixing 25/75 concentrated soap to water.

    I had similar PSI lose a week ago, 11 PSI a day. The air lose turn out to be a small wire that punctured the inner edge of the tire groves. There were no tiny bubbles, but a single very slow expanding bubble (1mm every 2 sec).

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    The OEM Michelins that were on my RT were tight, I rarely added air. The tires on my Yamaha R1 lose maybe 1 pound every two weeks.

    A pound a day? Nope, not buying that.

    On the other hand, how careful are you when you check the air pressure. Pretty easy to dump a pound.
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    I would hope not I very seldom check air pressure & I ride 5 to 7 days a week. I might check my air pressure every other month.
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    Worse case scenario - but check to make sure your rims are not cracked anywhere. can do it with the soapy water / windex spray as suggested for the valve stem

    not to mention that if the bead area on the rim had not been cleaned, it can cause some leaking as well, again mentioned above by checking the bead for bubbles
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    The OP never responded. This was another "how far can I go on bald tires?"

    The forum moderators have to start taking action on these absolutely, ridiculous posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselyoda View Post
    The OP never responded. This was another "how far can I go on bald tires?"

    The forum moderators have to start taking action on these absolutely, ridiculous posts.
    What actions do you recommend the moderators take?

    You respond to a two week old post with thirteen response's that are pretty much identical and are upset that someone doesn't respond?

    I hope I'm missing a joke here, new meds have me a little off kilter.
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