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Thread: 2002 K1200LT 32k miles value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Those engines are generally bullet proof for the first 250,000 miles or so.
    The engines are. The rest ...... eh. The poster apparently really wants a K12LT. I suggest he just go ahead and buy one.

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    Long time owner of K1200 LT ( 2)

    In short, its a used exotic that is expensive to work on and anything that goes wrong with it costs 2000 to repair. Lots of things are reported by owners but that being said, I love mine and keep it because it isn't worth anything and its as reliable as rain getting me from point A to point B. I would rather sell it for 1000 to a guy that would use it than just sell it for 2000 to anyone. I have worked on mine and find them fairly easy now that I have done it a while. They are gorgeous bikes. Offer no more than 2500 for even the best of examples. Look for Ohlin shocks, replaced and no rear main seal leaks.. ( I have one for about three years.... bike runs flawlessly.

    I mean really... a used bmw of that age is a crapshoot unless you want to take a risk.. same with an old car ... but on the other hand.. its only 2000 bucks..

    If you want a reliable bike, I will sell you my 2000 for 1800 and guarantee it will get you to wherever you want to drive it home. I am in Mesa.

    I have three bikes besides that one.


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    So I think the value is 2500 at max even for the best LT.... Anyone who wants more is

    Going to keep it for a while. And lots of us do keep them rather than unload them. Almost all BMWs are valued by their current owner at about 25 to 40 percent more than they are possibly worth and thus they don't sell very well. My theory is that all used buyers are infinitely aware of the potential for disaster with repairs.

    Dealers have the ability to take trades, warrant a bike briefly and have done safety checks. For my money, I would get an old GS 1150 for 2500 to 3500 as it will open more doors and is infinitely more resaleable. Or get both.

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    I almost went to the "dark side" and bought a 'Wing I ran into, but at the last second went and looked at at K12LT with 110k miles on it.

    Really well cared for, and records of clutch, clutch master cylinder, main seal, and rear end replaced in the last 30k miles.

    No doubt it contributed to the end of the previous owner's motorcycling - I ended up with multiple helmets, jackets, pants, rainsuits, and a K1200LT for $2000. I love it so far, and am hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

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