Welcome to the world of MOA produced podcasts.

This feature has been here for a while in the "Clubhouse" section which is one of the Members Only section.

Chiba (Wes), has been producing these podcasts for a while now and it has been decided to release it so that our many "guest" visitors may view, enjoy and perhaps decide to become more involved in the MOA community. Along with links, Wes has "embedded" some of the podcasts right into the podcast thread.

To view/listen to these podcasts Just click on this link.

You can also find the Podcast Thread as you visit the forum sections.

For more information on the MOA, the Homepage is here- https://www.bmwmoa.org/default.aspx

Specific information on joining the MOA community is here- https://www.bmwmoa.org/page/membertypes