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Thread: 03 1150GSA Fork Lock Problem

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    03 1150GSA Fork Lock Problem

    I have an 03 1150GSA. I canít get the fork to lock when I park the bike. Manual says to turn key to lock and turn bars fully left. When I have key at lock the fork doesnít lock and the key canít be removed... any ideas on what Iím doing wrong? Iíve tried turn bars left then turning key and vice versa.

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    You may have to wiggle the bars a bit to get the lock to engage. It's a bit fiddly from what I remember... Perhaps the whole thing needs a cleaning after 16 years....
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    This comes up from time to time. Older bikes, especially where the fork lock was seldom used, need to be ďlimberedĒ up. I can suggest a few applications of WD-40 and working the mechanism a bit. There have also been a few cases where an accessory would not let the forks turn enough.
    Chances are you will be able to free it up.
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    Thanks for the advice! I turned all the way left. Then as I kept pressure on the key towards lock, I slowly moved the bars to the right and it clicked into place. Problem solved. I did go ahead and spray a little lube on the lock just in case...

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    Be sure not to go all the way CCW with the key!
    If you go to the end click the parking lights will come on.
    Do that on a sunny day w/o noticing and you will mostly likely return to a weak or dead battery.
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