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Thread: Corbin Dualtour on R1250RT

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    Corbin Dualtour on R1250RT

    On R1250RT, does the Corbin two-up seat move the driver back relative to the stock seat, or is the position the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyb1000 View Post
    I don't think we know. Maybe ask Corbin.
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    The 1250 RT utilizes the same chassis as the '18 model (uncertain how far back that may go - '14?) Surely, somebody has one mounted on a newer wethead RT. Hopefully, a member can offer some insight. Or what PGlaves said above.

    /sorry, but my 1250 still has the factory seat.
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    I have a '16 RTW with that seat. I think it did move me back fractionally.
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