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Thread: Electric bikes gone wild

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I've seen bicycles on interstates here in Montana. .
    You're correct. I forgot it's legal in some locations in the western states.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    E-Bike hate?
    Comparing E-Bike to gasoline motorcycle
    E-Motorcycles are a better comparison it would seem. Those Zero E-Motorcycles look pretty good as well.
    Might be able to put baseball cards on the spokes of a E-Bike to remove the “stealth” factor
    If you are referring to my previous post I will clarify. I compared the cost of an e-bike to the cost of a gas powered motorcycle.

    I am a huge supporter of moving from gasoline to electric bicycles/motos that utilize power from environmentally responsible electricity sources. Range is still a problem for motorcycle use cases, whereas bicycles are much closer for my use case. I commuted to work for 40 years on a ten-speed bicycle with a round trip of 45 Km per day. That was the range required for me. YMMV for everyone else.

    There was not and still is no place to recharge a bike, motorcycle or car for return trips so round trip range (home back to home) is very important.
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