According to bmw specifications the nine t produces 720 watts with a three phase alternator. This is a new bike for me and I intend to winter ride most of the season, so wondering if ,this is capable of powering heated jacket, gloves and foot warmers along with everything else like gps and Denali running lights? In mot wrested in electrical knowledge but all my previous bikes have carried most on the load, although I had to be a bit careful with my previous f700 at stop lights. Iíve always believed a bike uses about 200 watts to power normal circuits so anything left over is free to use. My gear ads up to about 200 watts so say with a comfortable fudge factor, 500 watts usage. My concern is the three phase configuration terminology, it thatís a total of 720 watts or if that number is divisible by 3, only providing 240 watts of useable energy. Or am I over thinking this?